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Ceramic Veneer

Opportunity to smile openly without ceremony and confidently presents 50% of success in product of positive impression. They are one of the best decisions of radical change of appearance of the smile ceramics veneer. These plates from translucent material simulate the structure of toothes, and on hardness they are resembling to natural enamel. As a result of execution of given procedure your toothes will become ideally equal, light and beautiful, and it will be impossible to distinguish them from natural by nonprofessional sight. Given technique of restoration takes place only in three phases, following which you will receive a five-years warranty on veneer.

Advanced dentistry! We will give a smile to everyone!

Creation of beautiful smile


A beautiful smile is real!

Nature not all flashed by tremendous smile, but opportunities of modern medicine allow to solve this problem. Grammatically performed restoration with the aid of ceramics veneers in киеве will make your smile impeccable. Veneers represent ceramics micro artificial limbs which install to face-to-face area of dental series, form a necessary shade and form. Ceramic and composite veneers – what’s the difference:

  • Compatibility with the human.
  • Characteristics of the material are close to the features of natural dentin and enamel.
  • Over time, veneers do not change their original shade.

Price per Installation of veneers is quite affordable, is not long in time and is absolutely painless. To achieve the desired result, only three visits to the dentist are required.

The intersection of technology and experience, the result of many years of work

3D diagnostics

Diagnosis is one of the most important stages in the provision of dental services. To date, there is no more effective technique than 3D modeling in aesthetic dentistry. High precision scanning with minimal error allows you to visualize the most intimate areas and develop the right action plan. An experienced specialist at your request will create the necessary shape and shade of future overlays. Integration with different platforms allows you to send scans on your smartphone to patients. But advanced technology cannot replace human professionalism, skills, and knowledge. Our clinic employs the best dentists who can solve any problem of the patient.

Lina, 26 years old
installation of veneers

Having visited this clinic I learned many new words, including what "veneers" are)) Thanks to them and the professionalism of the dentist, many people can envy my smile.

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Встановлення вінірів