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Dental implants

A dental implant is a solid base that is implanted in the jaw as a substitute for the root. Implants serve as the main support for restoring the functionality of the tooth, including the root part, without involving adjacent teeth. To perform this procedure, the soft tissue and bone must meet the conditions that are necessary for favorable implant placement.

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Implants are prostheses that are fully compatible with the human body, on which dental crowns are installed, as well as other designs. The implant is made of a modern, reliable material that is compatible with the human body – titanium, and has a screw configuration. The prices for implantation are much higher than for prosthetics. This is explained not only by the material prices for such a procedure but also by longer-term use. What can not be said about standard prosthetics, which requires doing or redoing over time.
Properly caring for such implants, you will forget about trips to dentists. Installing one implant is more economical than installing a traditional “bridge”. Successful implantation is characterized by individual factors established by international standards.:

  • Reliability and stability of prostheses, confirmed by clinical trials.
  • The absence of signs of irritation and inflammation in the area of ​​the manipulation.
  • In the second year after installation, bone loss of 0.2 mm is observed.
  • The absence of any complaints and discomfort. Correct and high-quality implantation does not cause a feeling of the presence of a foreign object in the mouth.

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Virtual operation

Bilobrov Dental Clinic uses implantation using 3D navigation templates. Such a virtual operation allows you to avoid minimal errors and inaccuracies when installing the implant in the right place. The implantation performed more precisely guarantees the correct healing of the bone, long-term result and an aesthetically pleasing appearance of the implant.

Print on 3D printer

Innovative technologies of three-dimensional scanning allow reproducing identical copies of the elements of the oral cavity of patients. Printing on a 3D printer ensures the accuracy of manufacturing prostheses and other designs, according to all individual characteristics of the patient

Implant placement

Implant implantation is a short and non-invasive procedure, during which the gum tissue is excised and a special bed is created. Manipulation does not take longer than an hour and is carried out under local anesthesia. After installation, the stage of engraftment begins, which can last from 2 to 6 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

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